It is no secret that musician Rema Namakula and actress Eve Namulondo are the best of friends that could never be separated from each other. They are always seen in each other’s company, enjoying good moments together. Netizen’s have never really understood how the pair connected because they seem to be from different universes but we’ll, the two are together for good or bad.

According to Rema Namakula, Eve has been with her since day one and she is the kind of friend that could never leave her in a difficult situation. Netizen’s don’t seem to share her view as some have gone ahead to accuse Namulondo of having a hand in the separation between Rema and her baby daddy Eddy Kenzo.

Musician Rema Namakula does not mind the criticism for online in-laws as she mentioned that she is grateful to have a trusted friend and that is none other than Evelyn Namulondo. The two are inseparable and Rema went ahead to mention that she regards her as the second mother to all her kids so if she was not around, Eve surely has her kids’ backs.

Namakula explained that since time immemorial, Eve always took on the responsibility of taking care of her children, Aamaal Musuuza and Aliyah Ssebunya like her own. She mentioned that whatever would happen, Eve is always the vest auntie Rema could ever ask for.

My Namulondo you are everything and more. The mother of my children, I love you so much,” Rema captioned a video on her Tik Tok

Netizen’s are however unconvinced as some have gone ahead to warn Rema to stay woke as she lets Eve so close to her family. They warned Rema that it could go very badly for her if
Eve ever decided to snatch Hamza and the kids from Rema.

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