Team Spice Diana has been having an intense January as they prepared for the huge concert that is happening tonight at Lugogo Cricket Oval. According to Spice Diana, she did not choose Lugogo Cricket Oval to show off about the big fan base she has or the big turn up she would get for her concert.

The songstress Confirmed that she decided to have a concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval not to brag or prove anything but rather she only cared about choosing a venue where her people would be comfortable and happy. Spice Diana made these comments while in an interview with the famous entertainment pullout dubbed SQOOP.

According to Spice Diana, she does not care whether she has a small number of people turning up just as long as everyone is comfortable. Spice Diana mentioned that if she had wanted to, she would have gone back to Freedom City for her concert but she would rather opt for a venue with space because she noticed that at Freedom City, her fans were very uncomfortable and they had no breathing space, something she vowed to improve for her next concert.

“I will not care if only 10 people come or 100 or 10,000, as long as everyone is comfortable and happy. If we sell out, well and good If it was all about the numbers I would have gone back to Freedom City but I did not want my people to have the same experience they had last time as there was no breathing space, seats were removed to create space and everyone was comfortable,” she said.

Spice further mentioned that even after a completely sold out show, she will not make it a permanent venue as she has no limitations on her music career. She mentioned that she could go back to Freedom City or choose any other place of her liking.

“I do not have conditions in my music career. I can decide to go back to Freedom City or Kololo Airstrip or even Papaz Spot. I do not have any limitations when it comes to my career,” she noted.

The musician mentioned that as hours draw closer for her concert, she is nervous, excited and happy but adds that the nervousness is because of happiness. Well, we also can’t wait for the TEA from this particular concert.

Leticia Nambaziira

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