Former Route entertainment singer Vivian Tendo is officially off the shelf after she was proposed to by the love of her life. Earlier on, it was no secret that the musician had an affair with Wakiso Giants boss, Musa Atagenda.

When Vivian was asked about the boss earlier on, she denied all the allegations of having a romantic involvement with him but well, inside sources revealed that the pair was indeed involved with each other.

Vivian Tendo’s marriage proposal was held in Nairobi, Kenya at a magnificent venue with a beautiful water body . The gentleman, who is yet to be identified did a good job with his decoration where he threw petals all around in a bid to sweep Vivian Tendo off her feet. It is here where the newest love of her life went down to one of his knees and popped the question

The singer replied replied to the proposal with a resounding yes as she accepted to be engaged to the said gentleman. Her engagement has come with a lot of mixed reactions with some saying it is a video shoot for one of her songs that will be released very soon. Others are confused about what happened to her old lover the Wakiso Giants boss Atagenda.

It is however alleged that the pair parted ways earlier on after having a disagreement with Atagenda but the causes of the uproar were very confidential and were not in the media.
However, based on the information we gathered from Vivian Tendo’s close friends, they disclosed and confirmed to us that is not a video shoot.

They stressed that it is the reality that the singer is officially taken and more further traditional martial functions will be held very soon before this year is closed.
Our heartfelt congratulations to Vivian Tendo.

Leticia Nambaziira

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