Currently, singer Rickman Manrick and his lovely bae Sheila Gashumba are apparently on a vacation in South Africa enjoying their lives. After everything that has happened with the media, the pair saw it fit to grab the earliest flight out to have a mini vacation, something Sheila said she never got to do with her lover on his birthday. Talk about a belated birthday bae cation.

With all that is going on and with a section of Netizen’s against singer Rickman due to his father in-laws’ online rants, there are also a few people that are taking Rickmans side mentioning that Rickman should not have been put in the middle of a family quarrel, labelling him a victim.

With all that being said, Rickman Manrick is set to release a 6 track EP that has been dubbed Unconditional Love which he mentioned is meant to celebrate being loved. Rickman went ahead and announced that he is to release his Unconditional Love soon amidst the leaked audio of Sheila Gashumba’s father Frank saying he doesn’t like him at all and does not want him to marry his daughter.

While speaking to the media, Rickman said he loves Sheilah and she loves him back and their love is Unconditional, hence the connotation of the name of his new album. He mentioned that just like his love with tiny influencer is unconditional, so is his 6 track EP.

He revealed he doesn’t have any problem having a woman richer than him because that has never been an insecurity to him since she never makes him feel like she is below him or anything of the sort.

The list of songs on Rickman’s Unconditional Love EP that is dropping soon is as follows:
1.Lala love ft Joshua Baraka
2.Sekkle Down ft Likkle Bangi
3.Bako kyokola ft Kim C
4.Kyatule ( say it )
5.Rukundo ft T Paul
6.Cinderella ft Anknown Prosper

Leticia Nambaziira

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