We surely got the TEA we were waiting for. The Spice Diana live in concert was surely the best place to be as Singer Spice Diana gave the audience her best yet performance that left her dripping with sweat. The energy she exhibited was out of this World and she surely never disappointed her fans.

The news of the evening was not only her strong and bold performance however but was also about the attire that Spice Diana chose for the evening. Spice Diana, as she had earlier on warned surely chose a spicy outfit for her spicy event. Spice had earlier on warned the public that no one should judge her outfit because she planned it to be a spicy attire

Was it meant to be that hot? Gentlemen were left pocketing and tongues of ladies were left wagging. The Source management singer, Hajara Namukwaya appeared on stage,beaming with joy after fans showed her love and filled Cricket oval to capacity.

The concert was attended by high profile personalities including Bobi Wine’s wife, Barbie. As expected, there was glamour, the stage was super with good lighting but revelers were very quick to notice (their words) that sound was lacking.

Spice’s attire however over shadowed any bad thing that could have made the concert inadequate. She dressed to kill and many believe that her role model for this attire was either Super star Rihanna or Beyoncé. Spice Diana was clad in a skimpy and tight wear which was all net from the waist up to her shoulders. She made a statement as she was a bit revealing.

In accordance to her performance, revelers still noted that she is still lacking in Live performance and they went ahead to say that she was average. Feast your eyes on the pictures above for highlights of Spice Diana and her spicy attire.

Leticia Nambaziira

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