Musician Big Eye has a knack for making revelers angry and pelting him with empty water bottles while he attempts to perform on stage. Being among the list of performers that were gracing the stage at the Spice Diana concert, this was another opportunity for revelers to throw empty water bottles at him yet again.

In the past, Big Eye has been pelted with bottles several times while on stage. An instance in back in early 2020, while performing at Spice Diana’s concert at Freedom City. Before he was even mid way into his performance, fans chased him off stage with water bottles following him and hitting his back.

On Friday, again, while performing at Cricket Oval during singer Spice Diana’s live concert, bottles were Hurled at the singer but the situation was quickly brought under control by the security at the venue. Big Eyes however also chose to be stubborn as he knew the reason as to why he was paid, which was to entertain revelers by all means.

Big eye was therefore seen forcing revelers to watch his performance as he was undeterred even by the bottles since security had his back and they were protecting him from the angry revelers. Big Eye performed all his songs as planned including his latest release “Husband Material” before musician King Michael took the stage.

Water bottle pelting has become a very common way for revelers to try and get a musician they least love off the stage and alter their performance. Other artists that have been victims include Bebe Cool and Catherine Kusasira.

Leticia Nambaziira

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