Netizens have noted that it could now be a trend for the Mayanja brothers to chop their long grown hair which is known as dreadlocks. One after the other, the brothers have gone for a cut and shunned their hair which many people associate with law breakers.

A very long time ago, the now deceased Mayanja brother AK47 cut off his dreads for a French cut hairstyle and then later on, the trend was followed by his eldest brother, Jose Chameleone. It was a shock for many fans and followers but most of them later concluded that he had done that as he was aiming for a parliamentary seat as a Member of Parliament.

Even when he was not elected, he till chose to maintain his hairless look even when many thought he would eventually go back to his shaggy hair do. Now most recently, to be specific a few days ago, Weasel Manizo also cut off his locks for the same hairstyle that his brothers opted for earlier on.

Jose Chameleone was wowed with Weasel’s new look and so we’re his fans and followers. Many believed that it was time for a change for him and according to Chameleone, he is waiting upon his younger brother Pallaso to also jump on the trend.

Chameleone now believes his younger brother, Pallaso is the next in line to take on the challenge and he gladly mentioned that he is waiting for Pallaso to cut off his hair. According to him, he is sure Pallaso will follow his other brothers and he is just waiting on him.

“I am waiting for Pallaso to do the challenge. He will do it soon, I am sure,” Chameleone said

Leticia Nambaziira

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