Rema Namakula is never going to stop being a helpless romantic for as long as she is in her current marriage with Dr. Hamza Ssebunya. Whereas many people believed that there was trouble in paradise as the pair had stopped posting pictures of themselves, Rema Namakula always comes out , trying to prove to the public that her marriage is still going on as smoothly as it was before.

According to Rema, there can never be another man for her as it will always be her Hamza that understands her and cherishes her the most. Now according to different sources, she has come out yet again and said that her husband Hamza Sebunya is the best gift God has ever given her in life.

Rema claims that Hamza enables her to go out and enjoy herself in clubs. When they had their wedding ceremony, Hamza made Rema swear that after 5 years into their marriage, she would quit the music industry and settle into their home to raise their kids. She either still has her grace period or she has not been reminded that it is time for her to settle down and raise her kids.

The singer was asked during an interview on NBS TV why she now overindulges, and she responded that it is her husband who pressures her to frequent nightclubs and take care of her career. She mentioned that he is not too much into partying but he never restricts her from having her own fun.

According to Rema, she was gifted by God when he gave her Hamza because he is a wonderful husband who gives her all the freedom she needs in her life as he keeps telling her she is still young so she needs to have her fun.

Although Sebunya is not a party animal, he always lets me go out by myself. God gave me a good husband, my husband has given me the freedom I never saw in my life. I can be there, and he’s like, ‘You’re still young, go to Guvnor and have a good time,’” she said.

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