Ever since the audio of Frank Gashumba holding a conversation with a friend of his who was known as Diana hit the internet waves, life has never been the same for the Gashumba family as their life has turned into a series of ups and downs mostly with Netizen’s commenting on their way of life.

Some Netizen’s could not believe Frank Gashumba because in front of the media, he has always depicted a proud father who adores his daughter but behind the scenes, his words in the leaked audio sounded very harsh and unforgiving.

Even when Sheila Gashumba decided to leave the country with the love of her life who was also victimized by his father in-law in the leaked audios, the media still goes ahead to inflict more pain on this family and most especially on the relationship between Sheila Gashumba and Rickman whom her father referred to as a Kony look alike.

Controversial Social media blogger Peng Peng has also decided to rub salt in their wound after he came out and revealed that media personality Sheila Gashumba is the bread Winner of her family and her father actually feeds off of her.

According to Peng Peng, Frank Gashumba should leave his daughter Sheila Gashumba because she is beyond his control. He mentioned that he has no right to reprimand her for spending the money that she has earned herself.

Peng peng went ahead and mentioned that she is a breadwinner and her father should let her live her life. Even after the father’s frustrations, Sheila Gashumba went ahead and took her boyfriend on a trip to South Africa and up to now they are enjoying life.

I think this is beyond Frank Gashumbaz Control, Since Sheilah Gashumba is the breadwinner at home and she takes care of every bill. Let her dance Obote’s Son.” He said.

He also went ahead to mention that he has no reason to attack his son because once a cat leaves a homestead and spends a night in the wild, it then turns into a stray cat (in reference to Sheila). He went further to mention that the President of Rwanda should go ahead and make the couple (Sheila and Rickman) official because a daughter of Rwanda found herself a rebel to marry.

Leticia Nambaziira

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