For the longest time, Netizen’s have always come out to confront Spice Diana about the relationship between her and her manager. She has always looked the other way or denied the relationship but somehow, Netizen’s never seem convinced about her answer.

What makes matters worse is the fact that Manager Roger has a tattoo of Spice Diana’s name on his body. Recently, Spice was endorsing an upcoming concert of fellow musician Jose Chameleon that has been dubbed “Gwanga Mujje “ when manager Roger who was seen with her in the video decided to chip in and ‘kulumya abayaye’ as he put his tattoo on display.

Considering that Spice Diana has been making headlines since her recently concluded concert, this has just added onto the fire in the already burning bush. In the video which was approximately a 90-second video, Spice was seen taunting her critics whom she labeled as haters that were trying to amplify the disadvantages from her concert yet advantages also existed.

In this video, her manager Roger is seen showing off his tattoo of her name, which is close to another tattoo of his name on his arm. Spice also did Netizen’s justice by zooming into the tattoo, while her manager mentioned that these small things like tattoos were the basis of Netizens’ jealousy.

Through this act, Spice meant to taunt her haters and make it clear to them that she did not care what they thought of her as long as she bagged enough cash for her survival.

Leticia Nambaziira

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