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God’s Plan warns Frank Gashumba against calling him God’s thug, threatens to release dirt on him.

At the beginning of this month, an audio of Frank Gashumba lamenting to his friend identified as Diana about how his daughter, Sheila Gashumba has been disrespecting him leaked online and swept the nation off it’s feet.

According to the leaked audios, Frank claimed that his daughter was so disrespectful and she only knew how to lavishly spend money on useless boys who only wanted to steal her money and elope later. He went ahead and attacked Gashumba’s boyfriend Rickman Manrick, calling him a good for nothing Kony look alike.

Not only did Frank attack his son in law but he went ahead to attack the ex lover of his daughter most commonly known as God’s Plan, calling him a national thug who stole from his clueless daughter and eloped with her money.

Gashumba said that when Sheilah ran away from home to date God’s Plan whom he referred to as God’s thug, sometimes she would sleep in bar seats. He had to go and bring her back home.
Well, unlike Rickman, God’s Plan has no respect left for his former father in law as he has retaliated against the attack. UK-based socialite, Marcus Ali Lwanga aka God’s Plan has now hit back at Gashumba’s dad, Frank Gashumba for calling him God’s Thug.

He has come out and said that he is not ready to take any crap from Frank Gashumba. He mentioned that he would not tolerate such words from a man that has so many secrets to hide from the public. God’s Plan also went ahead to warn Frank, saying that if he never leaves him alone, he will spill Frank’s secrets which could send him in hiding.

If I decide to reveal whatever info I have on you, a lot of people will die and trust me you will run and hide. Don’t tempt me.” Said God’s Plan.

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