Whoever knew that Spice Diana and Fellow singer Gravity Omutujju would ever reach such a stage where they looked daggers at each other. The hatred that Gravity feels towards Spice can be felt vibrating all around him when her name gets mentioned and to make matters worse, Netizen’s can’t seem to understand how the pair got in that situation.

Only a few months ago, the pair was locking lips according to pictures that circulated all over the media. When these pictures made rounds, the pair said nothing in their defense as they only watched as Netizens went ahead to assume whether the two were really an item or something else was going on.

It was only later when Netizen’s got to learn that the pictures were from a music video which Gravity had participated in for Spice Diana. The two were then seen as the closest of friends who never left each other’s side. There were various pictures of the pair as they enjoyed good moments together.

Omutujju and Spice Diana maintained their friendship for a long time until he fell out with her over unclear circumstances. Up until now, Netizens have failed to understand what happened to make the pair hate each other. Recently, Gravity Omutujju has come out and stated how much he hates Spice Diana together with her famous Manager Roger.

During an interview, Gravity revealed that he hates the Pair so much that he did not hear about Spice Diana’s recently concluded concert. Gravity was asked why he did not sing at Spice Diana’s recently concluded concert which turned out to be a huge success.

He mentioned that with the hatred he feels for the artiste and her manager, he had no business there and in fact he did not even hear about a concert.

“I did not hear about her concert. I did not know anything about her and her manager. I do not like them,” he said

The rapper then went ahead to curse Spice Diana’s manager, Rodger Lubega for being a very bad man that sabotages people’s careers. It is speculated that the issue could have been caused by a misunderstanding with the Manager hence the fall out.

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