Zarı Hassan is a one of kind woman whom every man, doesn’t matter the age is willing to date or live with for the rest of his life. Many have wanted to but have not got a chance to even get close to her being that she is a high class bae.

One gentleman has however shocked Netizen’s when he mentioned that he would never want anything to do with Zari Hassan even if he ever had a chance to date her. Presenter Herbert Kityamuweesi a.k.a Crysto Panda came out and confessed that even though chance ever avails itself, he would never date South Africa-based Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

He stressed that despite Zari being good-looking and loaded, he could never date her because she does not possess some of the qualities that he desires from a woman. This made Netizen’s wonder what Crysto truly wanted in a woman because according to them, Zari Hassan has everything that any man would ever dream of in a woman!

It should be noted that Hassan is currently dating 30-year-old Shakib Lutaaya who is about 12 years younger than she is and Netizens’ have come to a conclusion that Shakib is quite the charmer with his good looks which when compared to Crysto Panda, many believe Shakib is way better.

Crysto Panda however said she does not fit in the category of women he desires to have as long-life partners. Netizen’s have come out to say that he was only being shy as he answered hard questions about relationships that were hurled his way during the Uncut show. Some have even concluded that he just could not admit because he knew he would never get a woman like Zari.

“ I can’t date Zari because she doesn’t fall in the category of women I can date.” said Crysto Panda

He was also asked about his plans of getting married and he replied that he is still taking his time till he feels he is fit to settle down with one partner for the rest of his life because he does not feel quite ready to settle with anyone yet. Well, for everyone that was planning to make a pass at
Crysto Panda, you have to wait!

Leticia Nambaziira

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