During a TV interview recently, Kalifah Aganaga real name Sadat Mukiibi dared fellow singer A Pass to a music battle as he stated that he is more talented than the latter. Many perceived this as an insult to Apass and expected a lot of dust to rise because of the statement made by Aganaga..

Singer Apass however kept his cool and he came out and said he is not willing to be dragged into any music battle with Kalifah Aganaga since he seems it simply unnecessary considering the fact that Aganaga is better than him in the music industry.

In his interview, Aganaga strongly stated that he knows everything about showbiz and branded himself ‘the newest Jose Chameleone’ because he rose to fame during the time the industry was still dominated by Bebe Cool, Chameleone, and Bobi Wine, something that was quite difficult to achieve.

“I am the Jose Chameleone of this generation. By the time I came to fame, young artists were not valued because only the” big 3 musicians got the awards and endorsements,” Aganaga said.

He Only dared Apass to a battle to prove who is better. He mentioned that if Apass needed any proof, he would agree to the music battle and see for himself.

Apass a good musician like me but maybe not better than me and if he wants to prove this then I task him to a music battle and the fans will decide,” he said.

Upon landing on Kalifah’s statements, Apass being the usual playful self declined the request as he acknowledged that the fellow musician is indeed better than him and hence there is no need for the battle.

“I believe he is better than me which means the battle is not necessary,” Apass tweeted.

Netizen’s have not bought any of this and they believe Apass is just acting smart and being the bigger person in order to avoid having a scuffle with someone below him.

Leticia Nambaziira

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