Not so long ago, singer Rahmah Pinky made her debut under Team No Sleep and the management of Jeff Kiwa. She was known as the Sheebah replacement and many got to know her for being a Sheebah copycat because she sung in the exact way sheebah does.

Jeff Kiwa was flying high as a lot of attention was given to the young girl and she gained popularity quite fast. A few months down the road, trouble was witnessed in paradise as there were disagreements between Jeff and Pinky which saw Pinky leaving the TNS camp for a solo career just like her senior Sheebah Karungi had previously done.

According to Intel, Pinky was thrown out on the streets by Jeff Kiwa due to issues of indiscipline as he noted that she was turning into a chimney as she could not stop smoking and to make matters worse, she started getting involved with men, bringing them I to her residence and allegedly swallowing their cassava.

Many of her followers and fans were worried that Pinky was already reaching her collapse during her take off stage because being a newbie, no one knew If she would survive in the musical scene without a manager.

Rahmah has however come out to prove to them that she is a phenomenal woman who can do it on her own! The singer has come out to say that leaving Jeff Kiwanuka’s Team No Sleep(TNS) has not affected her career at all and that she is doing way better without his watchful eye.

Pinky went ahead and said that her fans shouldn’t be worried that she will lose her balance because nothing of the sort will ever happen.

Life is so far so good and I am not complaining. My people love me because I am an artist and I promise to give them good music this year. I am going to be releasing several songs. I will not talk about TNS for now because I am not yet comfortable talking about it,” Pinky said.

Earlier on, Pinky told journalists that she had quit TNS because Jeff had started diverting from the initial agreement and he was no longer delivering as agreed.

Leticia Nambaziira

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