Songstress Rebecca Kukiriza alias Chosen Becky has always been bashed by various Netizen’s about how huge her nose turned out to be. It became a topic mostly when she w as just rising to fame. Aside from the fact that many considered her a village girl who always liked to act like she knew it all, her nose stood out most.

Netizen’s have never been friendly with her but the fact that not every one was out to get her, she was victimized by quite a number of people to an extent that many could not believe she was in a relationship until she silenced them all when she posted her handsome darling Dictator Amir.

Well, gone are the days when Netizen’s used to poke at Chosen Becky, telling her she breathes for bine people and it would bother her. Aside from turning into a good Tik tok Queen, she also stopped getting offended when people pointed fingers at her nose.

Chosen Becky came out and revealed that she is no longer offended by social media bullies who use her oversized nose as an insult to taunt her. She came out and stood tall, saying having a big nose does not make her less beautiful and infact, she was created that way hence she appreciates herself the way she is.

She also mentioned that for as long as her lover Dictator Amir does not mind whether he has a huge nose or not, she will stay unbothered by public opinion most especially when it is about her looks.

Celebrity trolling has become very common with many internet users and sometimes it has been noticed that Netizen’s do it to attract the attention of the celebrities. This act has led a few celebrities into expression as they have grown to hate themselves because of what has been said against them.

Some celebrities however have decided to outgrow the bullying and are appreciative of themselves no matter what is said against them and Chosen Becky has fortunately reached this stage. We love this for you Chosen Becky.

Leticia Nambaziira

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