It is not everyday that a person adds a year. This statement was clearly understood by songstress Rema Namakula. She surely understood the assignment of love as she constantly showers her current husband Dr. Hamza Ssebunya with deep affection love.

On his special day as he was adding a year, Rema did not disappoint as she was quick to shower him with praises on her social media platforms for the entire World to witness that she was lucky enough to land herself the most perfect man that has ever existed on earth.

Since the pair got married, the singer has always painted social media with pictures of the pair being all lovey dovey and pampered her man with love, and on his birthday, she penned a cute message to him saying he is the man who captured her heart with just a few words but more action as he always proves his love for her rather that confessing it.

With the entire World as a witness, Rema wrote a sweet and heartwarming message to her husband Dr. Hamza Sebunya as he turned a year older.

Rema revealed that she had given up on love until she met Hamza and her dreams came true. She mentioned that Dr. Sebunya makes love so smooth and more interesting for her. At the end of the message, she gave her everything to him and told him to take it all because he so deserves all of her.

You are exceptional my love. The man that captured my heart with less words but more action. My dream came true, you make it so easy to love you. A man of your word. I thank mama and Hajj for raising you so well. Our babies are lucky to have the sweetest Honest, Kindest, Realest, and most generous daddy. And as for me, haaaa, Byonna Twaala my Papito. Happy birthday Mwami Sebunya.” Rema posted.

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