Late last year, news emerged about how Weasel was a very violent man once alcohol touched his lips. Pictures of his baby mama who had been beaten to a point that her face was swollen were also released as evidence of his violence.

Sandra Teta tried to deny the allegations, saying she was thumped by thieves as she returned home late from work and they had infact stolen a huge sum of money from her .

Her fellow woman and sister in-law to Weasel, Daniella Atım also came out and urged her to speak the truth and leave the violent man but Sandra instead asked her to stay out of her personal affairs

The entire issue ended when Sandra was picked by her parents and taken back home to Rwanda. Since then, Netizen’s have seen Weasel alone, waiting for the return of his baby mama. The new info we have gathered reveals that there is a high chance that the two love birds will soon be reunited once again as they can not stay away from each other.

Weasel, said that his baby mama Sandra Teta forgave him following domestic violence rumors that made headlines on the internet last year. During a media interview on Monday, Weasel disclosed that all those issues that were bothering him and his baby mama ended last year and she had already forgiven him so she was most likely to return home soonest.

That stopped last year and she even forgave me a long time ago. And Sandra Teta I love you where you are. Be prepared, I shaved the hair, and wait for me a little, I will wear a suit.” He told reporters.

Earlier on, Weasel’s mother, Proscovia Musoke, had also assured the public that Teta will return soon and she had only gone to rest. She mentioned that she was in tough with Sandra and hence she knew Sandra was doing fine back home and she would be joining the family again soon.

We communicate and she is okay. Even her parents have no problem with us. She didn’t go in bad spirits. I talk to her daily. Even my grandkids.” Said Musoke.

Leticia Nambaziira

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