Television presenter and emcee, Edwin Katamba, who is famously known as MC Kats is not impressed with artistes who have refused to post his upcoming annual show, “King of the Mic.” The King of the mic show is a show, that MC Kats came up with in order to celebrate his legacy as an exceptional emcee, together with fans, well-wishers and the industry as well.

The King of the mic show is slated to take place this Saturday, January 28th. MC Kats made these rants on his Twitter page as he disclosed that his fellow celebrities are just hypocrites who never show kindness and support to fellow celebrities who have been there for them.

In the post, Kats appears angry as mentioned that he would go ahead and promote his own show since no other person even bothered to endorse it despite the fact that he has been there for them, endorsing their shows and showing them support.

Since you have failed to post my show, I will do it myself,” he ranted.

Kats displayed solidarity for his own event considering that no one else was willing to put the word out on his behalf. In his post, it was clear that he was disappointed with many of his close friends and celebrities as they seemed to have turned a blind eye to his show.

Despite being close with a number of celebrities, MC Kats has previously expressed dissatisfaction with celebrities for not reciprocating the support he usually shows them, when it comes to his personal gigs or events with Sheebah Karungi topping his list of ungrateful celebrities who never reciprocate the support they receive.

Leticia Nambaziira

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