Back in the day, a rumor sparked off where everyone was convinced that Bebe Cool’s baby mama Zuena Kirema was romantically involved with fellow musician The late Mowzey Radio. This rumor started during the time that the goodlyfe crew, consisting of Weasel and Radio released a song known as Zuena.

Another issue that made Netizen’s push the allegations further was the fact that both Zuena and Radio were hailing from Jinja. Many believed she had met Radio before Bebe Cool and they had a romantic affair.

Ever since the song dubbed by her name was released and Netizens’ started speculating, Zuena had never come out to say any comment about it or deny the rumors but during the week of Radios birth anniversary, she could not help but bring up the topic.

As Ugandans celebrated the late’s birthday, Zuena has finally commented on allegations of dating the late Good Lyfe singer, Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio and she finally disclosed that she never dated Radio and did not know him until the song was released.

She revealed that even getting to know Radio was coincidental as she met him through her hubby. In a video that has since been circulating, Zuena revealed that one day they were in club and Bebe asked her if she knew the guy that sang about her. When she responded that she did not, he then decided to show her the guy.

He pointed at Radio who was in company of Jose Chameleone. She recalls that she tried to observe him and realized that she never knew him.
It is alleged that Mowzey Radio released this song to only mock Bebe Cool because he had just been involved in a bitter brawl with him.

According to Intel, Bebe Cool had just beaten Radio up, calling him a disrespectful little boy hence there is belief that Radio only released the song to taunt Bebe Cool

Leticia Nambaziira

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