Recently, model and former media personality Bettinah Tiana expressed her disappointment in Daniella Atim as she reposted a comment that did not settle well with Bettinah Tiana. Bettina posted that she felt the urge to jet off and do some shopping in Europe and one of her followers commented, saying she would rather stay back in her less discriminatory country because with her black backside, she would never be at peace with the discrimination.

Daniella Atım reposted this comment, laughing hard and saying that in order for one to survive in this country, they needed to be thick skinned. Bettina took no time in condemning what Daniella did as she said she expected her to do better than repost such a comment and worse, laugh over the colorism that was displayed in that comment.

Nothing is funny here at all. I expected you to condemn such behavior, the fact that it humors you to the extent of posting for your followers to laugh baffles me. Being Black ain’t a crime,” Bettinah wrote

Daniella Atım has come out to mention that she is apologetic about the post because she did not expect it to hurt the model in any way. she mentioned that she did not mean to offend Bettinah Tianah with her Instagram post about comments made about her skin color.

Bettina also took the battle to her Facebook page where she vowed never to bleach her skin for anything and that people have to accept her the way she is. She also wondered why a fellow Ugandan woman would find humor in colorism comments
Daniella however apologized too fast as she said she was only having some fun and she did not mean to attack the model over her color in any way. Daniella went ahead and emphasized that Bettinah is a beautiful woman and said that she too is a black woman and hence would never make colorism comments about her.

Dear Bettina, I am sorry you feel insulted that I am having a light moment . You are definitely a beautiful woman and I was hoping you could loosen up a little and laugh at the comment directed at your original post like I did. We can’t be serious all the time, can we? It’s ok to have a light moment and you too can have one. In any case I am a black Woman too and I love every black woman. Now let’s hawk that bizigo.” She wrote.

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