Ugandans and Tik tokers were left speechless when they heard of the death of the famously beloved Asia wa Charles who only recently turned famous because of her comedy and relationship antics with her fellow comedian Charles. Asia, real names, Asia Namirembe, earlier on reportedly complained of severe stomach pain last weekend.

It is reported that she was rushed to Mulago hospital when the pain became too much for her and there the doctors advised that she undergoes surgery, which she did but unfortunately, she passed on only a few minutes after her operation.

Charles, her partner whom shared with her a very close friendship despite their relationship antic was the most hurt when Asia passed on as he still remains inconsolable. Charles has admitted that Asia was his best friend and no one would ever take her place because she was irreplaceable.

While at the vigil of his dear friend, he admitted to NBS presenter Kayz that he was surely going to miss Asia because she was closest to him and he would never be able to move on from her death.

In the video, Charles noted that one of the primary reasons he is going to miss Asia is because she used to entertain people in the various places they went to and she was very good around people, being a social kind of person. According to Charles, Asia had very many friends due to her good character and friendliness.

Charles further admitted that he is going to miss her immensely because she was his best friend, with whom he shared true love and friendship.

Charles further added that they had plans of doing shows together, as people would be entertained when they are together, acting as a couple
It is not only Charles that will miss Asia however as the entire netizen population is still in mourning over losing her. May her soul continue to rest in peace.

Leticia Nambaziira

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