Singer Lydia Jazmine has over years spiced up the internet not only with hot pictures of her curvy body but also with sweet tones of her music. Her love songs are said to make heartless people fall in love and they are also known to be therapy for a broken heart. This is exactly what fans miss about songs from the songstress.

Fans have therefore been led to the most concerning question. What happened to Lydia Jazmine? Apart from being quiet and not involved in any celebrity scandals, Lydia Jazmine put her career on hold as it has been exactly 7 months and fans have not got a new release from her, something that seems to be worrying g her die hard.

Netizens are also perplexed by the fact that Lydia Jazmine has been quiet and has not even posted one update about what is going on in he life for a short while now. Her Instagram posts have also started to get scanty and when it comes to Facebook, her account seems dead.

Even when she updates her Instagram once in a while, fans are not convinced all is well with her most especially because she seems to have more pictures than songs. Jazmine has also been noted in the last few months to have reduced her public appearances in bars and on stage.

There was also a situation where Lydia Jazmine’s old pictures were erased from her social media platforms, something that left her fans wondering if she was contemplating quitting the musical scene or she was just considering rebranding.

This has not only left her much loving fans confused, but also left them yearning for her new music. However much fans seem to be missing her, Lydia Jazmine gives no hope of any new music. This has therefore driven her fans against the wall as they keep wondering whether she really quit music or she is just taking her time to release the best

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