Zari Hassan and her young lover Shakib Cham have been rumored to be going through a rough patch after the wedding certificate of Shakib with a one Mimi turned up and was seen by the public.

However much Shakib Cham came out to deny the marriage allegations and he mentioned that there was no wedding because he discovered that he and Mimi are of the same clan hence it was a taboo for them to keep seeing each other.

The Allegations still remained however that he had denied Mimi a divorce and she had therefore decided to move on her own into a new relationship. She however claim s she can not marry another man while still hitched to Shakib hence she came out to demand for a divorce.

It is also alleged that the pair was last seen together almost a month ago when Zari was still in Uganda where she spent her Christmas and New year. Ever since Zari flew out of Uganda and went to South Africa, Shakib has not been seen or heard of again and the love affair seems to have been left hanging.

Netizens are beginning to sense trouble in paradise as Zari has started posting weird messages on her social media platforms talking about bad and dishonest people. Many now believe that by dishonest people, she is talking about Shakib Cham and no one else. In her online message, she talked about how lies destroy relationships and yet most people do not even know how dangerous lies can be.

She went ahead to emphasize that there are times when loving someone e is not enough and you feel like they steal your comfort . She went ahead to mention that trusting such people was the hardest thing because if there are lies, trust is too hard to find.

Some people do not understand how poisonous lies are. Lies infect and curse happy relationships to the point where you actually feel sick to your stomach for trusting them again. No matter how much you love a person. Sometimes you can’t help, but feel like they stole your comfort. You’re no longer comfortable because you second-guess everything. Now trusting them isn’t effortless. It now requires a conscious effort and sometimes that’s exhausting,” Zari wrote

On the other hand, Shakib also shared a few weird messages and in one of them, he urged people to be good to others because kindness does not take anything away from them.

So many people are hanging on by the thinnest of threads. Treat people with kindness, you could be that threat,” he wrote.

Leticia Nambaziira

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