Legendary media personality and emcee Katamba Edwin aka MC Kats recently came out and complained about the celebrities in his close circle not being able to reciprocate the effort he always puts in for them whenever they have events or concerts. He mentioned that even when he does much for them to support them,, they were just unappreciated of his efforts as they sidelined him when it came to endorsing his own event.

MC Kats had his event recently and upon completing it successfully,, he came out to take a jab at everyone who said he would never make it far when he was being rude to his other celebrity friends. According to Kats, when he expressed himself, his fellow celebrities took it in bad faith and they got angry at him. He mentioned that he was however just being honest with them.

Finally, MC Kats has had the last laugh at haters after registering a successful concert. MC Kats’ concert happened over the weekend and it was a huge vibe after so many people attended and different artistes showed him support.
MC Kats mentioned that there are people, even close to him that referred to him as a necessity and they mentioned that he was bound to fail on his recently concluded “King of the Mic” concert, something that did not happen as they had anticipated.

After the concert was attended by many people, MC Kats went to his social media platforms and laughed at his haters. He said those that have been laughing at him have never even trended on Twitter for two days like he did and he gave them a challenge that if they ever trend, he will give them money.

“@Kasuku256 @Edsendi Please help me tell your pathetic boy that a mental health boy was trending in Ug for two days. If he can even appear on the trend list I will give him 5m off the profits I made without stealing or cheating anybody. Otherwise thank you all #KingOfTheMic,” MC Kats posted

Leticia Nambaziira

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