Hell broke lose when Dancer and video vixen Ritah Dancehall took to her socials to talk bad about the concert that was held by singer Spice Diana. According to Ritah, it was poorly done and the live band overall was not as entertaining or interesting as everyone had expected it to be. However much the concert turned out successful, she had very many comments to put across about how off it was.

She then cane out and mentioned that following her honest posts on Spice Diana’s concert, Manager Roger had threatened to sue her and end her career. She also alleged that they threatened to end her life and she was frightened for her life. This angered Spice Diana greatly hence deciding on imprisoning her.

Last Friday, Ritah was arrested and detained at the Kampala Central Police Station over defamation. She made a clear statement that she would never bow to pressure and apologize to Spice and her manager because they both know the truth and she was being wrongly accused.

The harsh saga attracted the attention of netizens and fellow celebrities including Ziza Bafana, Ritah Dancehall’s boss as well as Sheebah, among others. Yesterday,, Sheebah called upon the release of Ritah and promised to contact Spice Diana to see how to solve the issues amicably. She mentioned that there is always a better way to solve conflicts without involving police because people will always talk and no one will always arrest those who talk ill of them.

Well it seems like Ritah Dancehall has decided to swallow her pride and apologize to the diva. In a video going around, Ritah Dancehall apologized to Spice Diana and in presence of the Kampala Metropolitan Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire and they allegedly they settled their matters. She went ahead to clarify that everything she said against Spice was false and she begged for pardoning.

“I issue my sincere apology to Source Management headed by Roger Lubega and singer Spice Diana. Whatever I spoke about her was false. We have amicably agreed to settle this and we have forgiven each other,” said Ritah.

Spice also went ahead and mentioned that she holds no grudges against Ritah and that she decided to forgive her because of her father who contacted her. She, however, maintained that she was only trying to teach Ritah a lesson to stop spreading falsehoods about her.

Leticia Nambaziira

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