Not so long ago. City Tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel was dumped on his special day. As he was all clad in a kanzu, ready to be introduced by the love of his moment Vanessa Vanny, he received the terrible news that she had eloped with his fortune since he had given her money to organize the functions, which she did not.

Due to the shame that was hovering over him, he mentioned that she was not the last woman on earth and he could get any woman he ever wanted in his life.. According to Lwasa, many women were always chasing after him and waiting g for him to be single so as to take over from his previous relationships.

Lwasa’s recent actions however suggest that he is desperate to prove to the whole World that he has a hottie and is planning for marriage any time soon. Soon after being dumped by Vanessa, he appeared in a video proposing to a one Haffie, a Kenyan girl.

Lwasa said he had moved on with her and that he was planning to marry her. The latest that has emerged is that his relationship with Haffie was all staged and it was just to make netizens believe that he is a man that is always sought for by many women.

In an interview, Haffie asked Lwasa to come out and reveal the truth as their fake relationship is causing pressure from her family members in Kenya. She was quick to mention that her family members are worried for her because she is in the company of a womanizing champ and they believe she deserves better.

In other news, it is also said that Haffie is married back in Kenya and her husband is threatening to leave her if she does not stop playing around with the old play boy. It is also alleged that Haffie has children, something we are yet to confirm. She called out to Lwasa to reveal the entire truth and reassure her family or else she would come out and say the entire truth herself.

My family is on my neck for saying I’m dating a man like him who is a womanizer and has a history of failed relationships. Lwasa should come out and say the truth or I will reveal what happened,” she said.

Leticia Nambaziira

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