Legendary events organizer and Emcee Katamba Edwin famously known as Mc Kats has been at loggerheads with Swangz Avenue boss known as Julius Kyazze. This scuffle started when the MC mentioned that Julius is not fair to him because he overprices him when it comes to booking artistes from Swangz Avenue to perform at his events yet he is one of the people that made Swangz Avenue a big deal.

At that particular time,, MC Kats was preparing for a show which was dubbed “King of the Mic” which happened at Wonder World Kansanga on Saturday 28th January 2023. The show turned out successful but it seems like the beef is not about to die down.

It’s revealed that Kats wanted Winnie Nwagi, Vinka, Azawi & Zafaran to perform on his show free of charge but Swangz Avenue boss denied his proposal claiming they can only give him artists on discount since they’ve invested a lot of money in their brands. This did not sit well with Kats and the response he gave to Julius was via a you tube interview with Journalist Kasuku.

Many expected Julius to be extremely furious with MC Kats and respond harshly but shockingly, In his response to him, Swangz Avenue boss only said that Kats should not be taken seriously and he should be rushed to a mental Institute for medical help because he is mentally unstable.

“Kats has a mental problem and he needs medical attention.” Said Julius Kyazze.

This has however rubbed Kats in the wrong way yet again. He then decided to fire back a response, claiming that he was already confined to a hospital while in London and no doctor detected a mental illness. He went ahead to mention that however much all the hot shots in the music industry seem quiet, they have called to thank Katz for his truth.

“The last time I was in London I was in hospital for two weeks and doctors failed to confirm I had a mental problem. That is why UMA bounced you as chairman. Don’t fool anyone. The all-music industry is quiet but calling and thanking me for my truth.” Said Kats.

Leticia Nambaziira

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