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Media Personality Faridah Nakazibwe angry at Tycoon Lwasa for calling ex lover a cockroach.

Tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel seems to be undergoing a lot of pressure from the media. After his hatched plan of hiring a girlfriend to calm the media failed, he has now resorted to being abusive and vulgar.

Lwasa came out and proposed to a one Haffie, who was identified as a Kenyan lady. He mentioned that he had finally met the right woman to marry and he made it a point to poke all his exes,saying he is never defeated when it comes to finding a woman to chop his money.

The entire issue started off when he was dumped by Vanessa Vanny on his special day. Everything was planned but on the D-day, Vanessa did not show up and she went I to hiding, claiming she was too young and unprepared to marry a man like Lwasa. In desperation, he quickly searched for a wagon to hitch to and this is when he landed on Haffie.

In a recent interview with a local television, Lwasa said he was committed to marrying Haffie but she was more of a gold digger. He said Haffie was asking for a car that was too expensive than his. That was the first sign revealed to him, Haffie is not the right woman for him. However much Haffie came out to confess that the proposal and relationship between her and Lwasa was all fake, Lwasa refused to acknowledge her words and still chose to brand her a gold digger.

The unbearably angry Lwasa went ahead to call Haffie a cockroach something that didn’t sit well with Faridah Nakazibwe. Faridah mentioned that she is kind of disappointed in fellow Masakarian and businessman Lwasa Emmanuel for calling his ex-fiance a cockroach.

According to Faridah, people from her area where Lwasa also comes from need a meeting to discuss the behavior of Lwasa because he is clearly out to shame them with his womanizing

Hold on. Did Afande Lwasa call his ex fiancé a cockroach? We Masaka folks have a meeting to discuss his behavior. It has become a little too much.” Said Faridah

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