Issues don’t look too good for City tycoon Lwasa Emmanuel as his recent project Haffie Ali continues to deny having been in any kind of romantic relationship with him during the time the pair was cited in the news with Haffie raising up an engagement ring, smiling into the camera.

When Lwasa was dumped, he was quick to jump into another relationship, immediately proposing to the Kenyan lady in front of the media. News travelled very fast about how Lwasa was getting hitched to another beautiful belle even after being dumped on his introduction ceremony. The entire media was left paralyzed as Lwasa had finally proved that he could get any woman as long as he wanted to with just a snap of his fingers.

However, a few days later, it was revealed by Haffie herself that she has never even dated Lwasa Emmanuel, something that left him broken. He however brushed the rumors aside, saying she was just a gold-digger who wanted a car that is more expensive than his, something he disagreed to. He went ahead to call her a cockroach while talking to the media.

Haffie however is not willing to sit back and listen to Lwasa calling her a cockroach so she has also come out with fresh info for the press. In an interview, she opened up on why she had accepted the proposal, mentioning that she did not intend to but rather was caught up and she found herself in a fix so she had no choice but to agree to the proposal.
Haffie mentioned that she never expected this proposal would lead her to a lot of pressure from netizens and her family as well and yet it turned out too stressful yet it was all a stunt played by Lwasa himself.

Haffie mentioned that he did everything on his own and invited the media. Proposing to her in front of cameras and yet he had a reputation to protect. She said she only accepted in order to help him keep his reputation.

There is no wedding, a lot of things have been stressing me, family, social media friends that’s why I have come out, to tell the truth about what is happening between Lwasa and me. To be honest the proposal was stage managed by him, he called the media and I so I couldn’t turn him down in front of the cameras since he has a big name to protect more than I do so I did what I had to do at that time but I regretted after,” she said.

Haffie went ahead to mention that her and Lwasa have never even dated for a minute but she only had a brief dinner with him on friendship terms, something he is not willing to accept.

Lwasa and I have never dated, I have one been on one dinner with him as a friend,” she Said.

Leticia Nambaziira

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