Singer and TV host Herbert Kityamuweesi, alias Crysto Panda, seems to be having lots and lots of fun as he continues to promote his new hit single dubbed Empele. With challenges flying all over social media and his frequent visits to media houses to promote the song, he has also got bonus enjoyments from these media tours.

It seems both male and female media personalities enjoy dancing to Crysto Panda’s new single but he seems to be enjoying the attention from the female presenters the most. Not so long ago, Crysto was filmed dancing to the groovy song with Sanyuka TV’s Sandra Lian Lusiya.

As if that was not enough, on Thursday Sheila Saltofte, better known as Sheila Salta, joined him to dance to the jam while on his visit to the newly-launched NRG Radio. The song’s name comes from a dance move that originated in Masaka district where Panda was allegedly born

In a video that has been making rounds on social media,, Crysto Panda is seen in a zero distance position with Sheila Salta. Her behind is heavily rested on his torso and he enjoys milking the juice out of her while she wiggles at his mercy to the song playing in the back ground.

Crysto’s facial expression is enough to show that he was experiencing heaven on earth with Sheila winning on him. Well,, enjoy it to the fullest Crysto. Hard work surely pays doesn’t it?

Leticia Nambaziira

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