The self proclaimed Ghetto president, Mark Bugembe famously known as Bucha Man has vowed to kill his long term enemy Kabaya with canes for disrespecting him relentlessly.

The entire issue started way back when the then Ghetto president, musician Bobi Wine joined active politics while he was contesting for the Presidency of the Country. Bucha man who used to be his vice president assumed the seat and appointed himself the Ghetto president, something that did not seat so well with the entire Firebase crew. Kabaya, who was also in Fire Base Crew decided to retaliate and he therefore also named himself the Ghetto president. Since then, the pair have been at logger heads.

There has been an on and off issue with the two pulling ropes every now and then. Even when it seems like it is quieting down, they start the beef afresh whenever they meet eye to eye. Recently, the pair met at NBS TV Bucha called Kabaya to come and show respect to him as the ghetto President.
Kabaya looked down on him and did not even move an inch of his body.

Bucha, who doubles as the presidential advisor on Ghetto Affairs, reminded Kabaya that he should respect him claiming that he put a stone on the Dancehall foundation.

As Bucha kept on pressing Kabaya to come and show respect, Kabaya told the presidential advisor that he doesn’t know him and therefore that proves he is not as famous as he believes he is.
The Ghetto fraternity is however not happy with Bucha Man because ever since he assumed the presidency of the ghettos, he has turned quite harsh, unruly and rude.

It is recalled that last year, he canned rapper, Rocky Giant claiming that he did not show respect to him.

Leticia Nambaziira

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