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Singer Jose Chameleone sheds light on his relationship with the president of the Country His Excellency Y.K. Museveni.

There have been questions about the relationship between legendary singer Jose Chameleone and the President of the Country. H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Ever since pictures made rounds on social media with Chameleone standing next to the President, netizens have never been able to settle their urge to know about the relationship between the pair.

Netizens’ pleas have finally been heard as the music star, Dr Jose Chameleone has come out to shed light on the type of relationship he has with the Ugandan President, H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. Chameleone while appearing on Spark TV said that Museveni is his friend. Besides, the first lady too is his friend and so are the first children.

The President is my friend and the first lady is my friend as well. Their children are also my friends,” he said.

The singer long declared that he was meant to be part of the winning team and there was no way he would ever leave the yellow camp. Netizens noticed his change of heart towards the red camp after he failed in his political career. Immediately after the failed elections, he immediately switched camps and joined the yellow tent. He’s reportedly been rewarded by Museveni for his efforts in entrenching him into power.

Chameleone, who happened to be promoting his upcoming Gwanga Mujje concert in the first place also went ahead to thank the Katiikiro of Buganda Charles Peter Mayiga for consistently supporting Ugandan music despite his always busy schedule. He mentioned that upon paying a visit to the Katikkiro, he realize that he supported Ugandan music extremely.

“I was surprised to find that the Katikkiro follows and supports our music because he’s a busy man,” said Chameleone.

Chameleone went ahead to thank his fans for standing by him throughout the years as they have turned him into a legend and he owes everything to them. He then added that nowadays he’s competing with himself alone and is not in competition with anyone else because this is what his fans expect of him so he has to deliver to them.

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