Not so long ago,, singer Jose Chameleone shocked netizens when he took pictures with a child, saying she was also his daughter. He then issued a statement, saying she was indeed his daughter and he had been apart from her for a while. His actions notified netizens that he was taking responsibility of all his children, something they applauded.

Netizens also went ahead to mention that if he had a daughter that old,, outside of his marriage with Daniella, then it is likely that he has more children the media does not know about.

Chameleone has now come out and confessed that he is ready to have all his children outside his marriage with Daniella Atim taken for a DNA test. Jose Chameleone said this after different women took children to the late Mowzey Radio’s mom alleging that the kids are his after his death.

In detail, Radio’s mother was ranting about mysterious women who brought a 28-year-old child and a two-year-old after Mowzey’s death five years ago. Chameleone therefore saw need from him to sort such queries before his demise. He mentioned that he would not wait for such situations so he would own his kids before his death.

Jose Chameleone said he already has his blood in the laboratory saved. He said whoever thinks has his child, should take the child for DNA to prove that and later bring the child home.

I know I am an African man and anything can happen. I already have my blood in a blood bank for whoever thinks they have my children to go and have a DNA test. It is already in the laboratory,” Jose Chameleon said

Leticia Nambaziira

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