Frank Gashumba has surely got nothing on his daughter Sheila Gashumba anymore. Even when he came out,, lamenting that his daughter only dates useless men who bring nothing to the table but instead take from her, this did nothing to deter her spending stress on the man she is currently dating, singer Rickman who has come to be nicknamed kony.

Well, aside from going to expensive and luxurious trips with her lover boy, she continues to spoil him with expensive gifts and endless love, something that leaves Frank Gashumba peeing his pants in fury. Rickman Manrick seems to only be benefiting from his girlfriend, Sheilah Gashumba,however much he has less to offer to her, according to onlookers.

Currently, netizens have concluded that his only job is to support, motivate, advice and chew Sheila while waiting on his pockets to be graced by her. Rickman is doing an excellent job when it comes to hyping the young queen to pursue her dreams and live the kind of lifestyle she deserves to live.

The new info on our desk has shown Sheila Gashumba opening up a new business venture which is anticipated to earn her Millions which she has dubbed Gash Luxe. Gash Luxe is a shopping Lounge, Mini Champagne Bar and Content Studio, according to Sheilah, the founder and CEO.

During the glamorous grand opening ceremony, graced famous and influential celebrities and members of her caliber, Sheilah and Rickman took time off and swapped saliva on camera, somewhat, sending a clear message to dad and dad in-law Frank Gashumba to back off their case.

In the video taken by snoops, Sheilah was seen romantically rolling her eyes as she went in for a wet delicious and salivary taste of Rickman’s lips. The pair kissed for about 10 seconds before she stepped away, leaving Rickman yearning for more. Well, Frank must be burying his head in the sand after the love we just witnessed!

Leticia Nambaziira

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