Bobi Wine and Barbie Kyagulanyi’s eldest son Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi’s social media imposter has reportedly been arrested and detained. Over the years, several social media users have been opening up accounts on various socializing Apps in the guise of being Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi. Being a public figure, he of course has very many admirers who would love to walk in his footsteps.

The trouble is, some people tend to open up accounts in his name just to rob his followers off of money in the guise of online business ventures. The fraudsters have been extorting money from their victims while posing as sellers of a variety of goods.

Barbie Kyagulanyi came out and told them off, telling every potential victims that her son was not into any online businesses and whoever was doing business via his name was nothing but a fraudster. Despite Barbie clarifying that her son does not run any online businesses and warning internet users about these swindlers, many people have still continued to fall victim of the scams.

After several weeks of searching for these culprits, one of the imposters was caught and arrested. Indeed the days of a thief are always numbered. The arrest of the fraudster was confirmed and it is also alleged that he was forced to compensate some of his victims.

However, it should be noted that the scammer is now free and he still is going around, stealing from people online, most especially on snap chat hence everyone should be alert and avoid sending money to people they have never even met before.

We have told you time and again that Solomon Kampala Kyagulanyi is not doing any business online. We recently arrested one fraudster who is believed to be the one behind the social media accounts duplicated in the names of Kampala Solomon and he paid those he had stolen from. Right now he is at large and stealing from more people mainly on Snapchat. Be alert and don’t send someone money unless you have met them and spoken to them face to face. This is the final call, Solomon Kampala is not doing any money businesses on line!” The family stated.

Leticia Nambaziira

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