Singer Rickman Manrick has also come out to prove to all his critics, including his father-in-law Frank Gashumba that he is not a good for nothing leech after all. Every one has been talking about how Frank Gashumba disapproves of Rickman because he is poor and has nothing to offer Sheila but rather he keeps taking from her and feeding off of her.

Well, everyone better think twice before calling Rickman a parasite ever again because he has secured a trip for his girlfriend Sheilah Gashumba to watch one of her idols Beyoncé live in Sweden (talk about a birthday present befitting a princess). Sheilah Gashumba officially notched 27 years old yesterday and well, she received the best present of her lifetime.

Yet again, Sheilah listed a number of gifts she preferred to be awarded as she celebrated her new age. These included, among other things, cash, an iPhone 14, an iPad Pro tablet, pricey perfumes, and a fully funded trip to Monaco.

As his birthday gift to his girlfriend, Rickman shut all his critics up by securing a ticket for his girlfriend to watch one of her idols Beyoncé Giselle Knowles perform live in Stockholm Sweden. According to Sheila, she has never even been to Sweden so this came at the right time for her.

When Beyonce announced her tour, I mentioned that I wanted to watch her tour maybe in one of the states in the US, guess who just bought me a ticket to watch Beyoncé with him in Stockholm in May as a birthday gift!! Thank you, my love Rickman Manrick !First time in Sweden.” Sheila posted

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