The sad news reaching our desk is that Comedy sensation and Tik Toker Charles wa Asia is critically ill and is admitted to a hospital, fighting for his life. Just a few weeks after the passing of his colleague Asia, renowned Tiktok sensation Charles is currently bedridden and fighting for his own life.

Charles came out after the death of Asia and he mentioned that his life would never be the same without Asia by his side and he would never be able to get over her death as she was and would always be his best friend.

Charles has reportedly been dealing with a condition known as hernia and rectal prolapse disease for more than 15 years, according to Rogers Ssebunya a.k.a SB4, the stepping stone to Charles and Asia’s fame.

The condition saw him bedridden a few months back, but after getting treatment, he was able to get to his feet again. However, sad news coming from Charles’ family and handler SB4 reveals that he was struck again by the same conditions, and almost lost the battle a few days back.

SB4 confirmed that Charles was indeed rushed to the hospital and urged his fans and well-wishers to keep him in their prayers. Netizens are shaken because they have just lost Asia and they would never want to see her partner also crumble to an illness. We continue to pray that he makes it out alive.
Quick recovery Charles.

Leticia Nambaziira

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