Most recent Grammy nominee Eddy Kenzo is disheartened after having lost the award to South Africa. Upon nomination, he was the happiest person as he fronted that he was indeed nominated and he was off to represent his Country massively. Well, things did not go as planned and he ended up losing the award to a South African singer.

Shortly after his loss, singer Big Eye alias Ibrahim Mayanja took to his socials that he had received Kenzo’s loss with a happy heart because Kenzo is a selfish prick who never wants to share his contacts with his fellow artists for them to shine as well. Big Eye added that if he had the same contacts as Kenzo, he would have won the Grammy.

Well, Kenzo did not take this comment lightly and he therefore decided to clap back at Big Eye. In response to him, Kenzo reminded him that however much he looked down on him when the two were still fighting to rise, he has managed to outshine him and came out above him in the end.

Don’t forget that the person you looked down on may be the one who gets to paradise before you because of a sincere heart,” Kenzo wrote.

Kenzo therefore advised Big Eye that if he wanted to make it further in the industry,, he has to have a pure heart and he also told Big Eye that the sure way to achieve in the music industry is by keeping pure thoughts and not judging others.

Think good thoughts. Be good and do good. But this may be too difficult for many today who have a holier-than-thou mentality & are constantly judging others,” Kenzo said.

Kenzo was not the only one who came out to criticize Big Eye for being a saddest however as several artistes had already come out to caution him against celebrating other people’s failures, Among the artistes that came out to tell off Big Eye was Ykee Benda who stated that he was utterly disappointed with Big Eye for his comments. He requested him to speak for himself, not to generalize his woes because he (Ykee) personally has benefited from Kenzo’s connections

Leticia Nambaziira

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