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Frank Gashumba finally shamefully admits to meeting with son-in-law Rickman Manrick.

During the launch of Sheila Gashumba’s newly opened store, Gash Luxe, Frank Gashumba and his son-in-law met face to face for the very first time. Pictures were already taken and have gone viral since the meeting and it has been the talk of town ever since the images were first released. In the pictures, the two are seen in close proximity but surprisingly, Frank Gashumba denied having seen Rickman anywhere.

In an interview, Frank Gashumba stressed that the photos that went viral online were photo shopped. He went ahead and staked Shs50m for anyone who comes up with conclusive proof of the pair meeting at her daughter’s launch of her glam shop in Kampala. He mentioned that there was no way he had failed to see Rickman and even when everyone insisted, he could not have made any mistakes because he was even sober.

“I did not face Rickman at any one moment yesterday. I didn’t see him at all. I do not drink and I’m always sober and I don’t remember seeing him at all,” Frank Gashumba.

Having denied meeting Rickman, he was invited to the New Vision offices where he was shown several photos of him facing toward Sheilah Gashumba’s boyfriend as they had gone viral. Even after being shown the photos he still wanted to deny but he feared looking a fool and thus admitted to the fact.

When asked where his pledge of 50 Million Uganda Shillings, he failed to avail the money as he brushed it off with laughter. It is evident that he only said he did not see Rickman because he was avoiding refreshing the scandal he had already been through with his daughter after trolling her boyfriend.

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