Bebe Cool (Moses Ssali) has advised the younger generation of musicians to focus on their craft and stop feeling entitled to the top spots occupied by the ‘Big Three’ (Bebe Cool, Jose Chameleone, and Bobi Wine).

In a recent interview, the Love You Everyday singer expressed confusion about where these younger artistes get their sense of entitlement from.

The ‘Big Three’ have become a hot topic recently, with some feeling that they have had their time and should give way to the new generation of artistes. However, others believe that these top artistes will always remain untouchable.

Bebe emphasised that the top spots in the industry were not given to them by themselves, but rather by the people who recognised their efforts.

“We didn’t rank ourselves, the public did and that’s because we did music,” he said. 

Bebe cited his own example, where he and his contemporaries didn’t have to ask the older generation of artistes to give them space. They just did their music and eventually gained recognition from the public.

“We didn’t ask those we found singing like the Afrigo Band to give us space,” he said. “Who said we have to go away from the scene for you to perform? Just do your music and the public will notice your work and put it up there,” he said.

Bebe emphasized that music is a business and not just a hobby, and urged young artistes to take it seriously and put in the necessary work to succeed. The musician warned there are also a crop of new artistes behind the young artistes, who might displace them in the future.


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