People’s Front for Transition leader, Dr. Kizza Besigye on Tuesday revealed that the pressure group is meeting other political parties to resume political mobilization against the bad governance that has pushed the country into a deep crisis.

Addressing journalists at his offices in Katonga, Dr. Besigye said that all the sectors in the country are in deep crisis and as the opposition leaders, they cannot sit and watch on.

He explained that the health systems have deteriorated to the extent that patients are asked to buy a list of requirements before accessing medical care in government hospitals which used to be free of charge.

He also said the education and infrastructure sectors in the country are in a sorry state with the government paying a deaf ear.

It is against the above background that the former presidential candidate said that he has started meeting with other parties to mobilize and launch a campaign against matters of corruption, non-payment of health workers, and bad infrastructure in the country among other things.

He cautioned police against interrupting their mobilization, citing an example of the First Son and presidential advisor on Special Operations, Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba, whom he accused of conducting illegal campaigns.


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