Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) management issued a detailed statement on the state of roads in Kampala City indicating the pothole-infested roads and the roads in perfect condition. 

The Executive Director Dorothy Kisaka informed citizens that KCCA cannot trivialize the issue of potholes in the city; it’s real and needs attention because it affects the well being of road users. 

She said that she is mindful that the potholes drive up road user costs through frequent vehicle repairs, long travel times, high accident rates, and others.

She also said that KCCA routinely monitors and collects data on the state of the city roads through the road condition surveys and by December 2022, KCCA had recorded an area of 8,500 Square meters of potholes, spread across the five divisions. 

“In December KCCA started to work on the potholes in earnest with the funding that was available. That intervention covered 37 roads, listed below, in five divisions. Kisaka also enumerated another 31 roads which are in perfect condition” Dr Kisaka said. 

However, Kisaka said in this final quarter of the financial year, 2022-23, the Government of Uganda has now released the development budget that had been withheld in past quarters. 

She explained that the fixing of the roads is going to commence using the funds availed and cover the potholes as much as the funds can.

The KCCA Executive Director said that KCCA plans major reconstruction works to rid Kampala City of the offensive potholes which will cover the 5 divisions of Kampala City, where approximately 69 Km of the roads will be worked on.

She revealed that the reconstruction will cover 41 roads including Salama road, the Industrial area roads, Sir Appolo Kaggwa road and Kiteezi road and said that works have already begun at Old Mubende road in Lubaga Division. 

She decried the undeniable presence of potholes and the inconvenience to road users but also pointed out that Kampala City has 31 roads that are in perfect condition that is without a pothole saying that KCCA roads are fairly new roads as opposed to the roads that have outlived their life span of twenty years or more.

She pointed out that among the new roads are John Babiha road starting at Fairway hotel roundabout to Old Kira Road, the Ntinda stretcher Road and the Kabusu to Bunamuwaya road.

Others roads in perfect condition, the Executive Director unmentioned are, Upper Kololo  Archer Road, Luzige road, Mpabaan, Ntinda I, Ntinda II, Mutugo Tank Hill, Naguru Close, Kabalega Road, National Water Roads and Kawuku road, Bukasa ring road, Kevina, Apaas, Juke, Nsambya Katwe RD, Mutundwe road, Kabusu road, Mufunya road, Kitunzi road, Nabulagala Road, Nalukolongo road, Kalinda road.

Others are Lubiri ring road, Bawalakata road, John Babiha (Acacia) Avenue, Nakawa-Ntinda Road, Windsor Crescent, Factory Lane, Enterprise road, Lukuli road  Kabuusu- Bunamwaya –Lweeza road, Kulambiro ring road, Najeera link.


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