Health experts have asked policymakers to formulate policies that will lead the country to address the challenges of the unmet need for family planning-related commodities.

The Director of Curative Services at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Charles Olaro says, addressing the issues of family planning is crucial for the country in terms of curbing issues such as poverty which is affecting a number of people in the country.

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He says that currently, there is a high dependence ratio in the country, and on average, one working Ugandan adult looks after about 7-9 persons.

He says, there is a need to reduce the unmet need for contraceptives to less than 10% and also increase the modern contraceptives prevalence to 46.6% by the year 2025.

He made the remarks while officiating at the Launch of a partnership between the Ministry of Health and Marie Stops aimed at strengthening the public sector sustainable investment in Uganda to address issues of unmet need for contraceptives in the country.


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