The Goat Edition features an impressive lineup of talented MCs. Produced by Sam Lamara, the debut single, highlights the exceptional skill of each artist, including Play01, Wonder Jr, Doe Dotta, Ninja C, Ch!ef, Atlas Da African, Ebrahim Soul’O, Tucker HD, Abril, Byg Ben Sukuya, Triggah, TimothyCODE, and Ksl Owakabi, who deliver hard-hitting lyrics with a polished flow.

The beats on the album are also masterpieces in their own right, with Aliddeki Brian’s expertise in African instruments and Sam Lamara’s production knowledge resulting in a perfect fusion of HipHop and African sound. From start to finish, the energy is electric, and the talent on display is truly exceptional. The video was shot by Talent Africa Group, TAG Studios, and directed by Cyril Ducottet.

Talent Africa CEO, Aly Allibhai, expresses his excitement, stating, “The artists on this project have truly outdone themselves, leaving listeners in awe with their bars. We’re thrilled to share this incredible project with the world and will continue to support the creative arts in Uganda.”

Listen to the debut single “UG Cypher Volume 3: The Goat Edition”


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