Socialite Zari Hassan alias Zari the Bosslady has cleared the air regarding the times she has been married before.

Following her marriage legalization with Shakib Chama in a Nikah ceremony recently, Zari was asked the times one needs to get married before they settle in an interview.

In her response, Zari revealed that she has never been legally married before, noting that Shakib is the only man in her life who has ever put a ring on her finger to become her husband.

Zari acknowledged having an introduction ceremony with her late baby daddy, Ivan Ssemwanga, but they split up without exchanging vows to be wed officially.

She continued by stating that Shakib Cham is a very different individual from the men she had previously dated and that this made being his wife fantastic.

Zari, who is 42 and Shakib is 34, insisted that she is unconcerned by the criticism of their age difference as long as their relationship is characterized by love and that she does not adhere to societal standards at any moment.


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