The Kadodi Karnival, an annual cultural event of the Bagisu people, was held on Sunday, May 7th at the UMA Showgrounds in Kampala. 

Kadodi is one of the most celebrated and popular dances from Eastern Uganda specifically Mbale.

The dance is typically performed at the Gishu male circumcision initiation ceremony commonly known as Imbalu what some may not know is how sensual the Kadodi dance is.

The festivities kicked off at around 2 pm with a large number of revelers streaming into the venue. An entry fee was 20,000 shillings. 

The event featured performances from a number of Gishu artists including the legendary Iddi Masaba, and the famous Kadodi dance that had revelers very excited and dancing with the drummers all through the evening till late in the night. 

Powered by Nile Special, as a brand, was well represented at the event, making its mark as one of the biggest supporters of Ugandan culture and heritage.

One of the highlights of the event was the colorful traditional gear worn by Bagisu dancers who entertained the crowd with their performances. 

The dancers were a sight to behold, dressed up in vibrant colors, and showcasing their rich cultural heritage.

Overall, the Kadodi Karnival was a resounding success, with attendees enjoying a fantastic display of Bagisu culture and tradition. 


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