Police have appealed to the general public to avail of any information regarding Augustine Sekajugo, a dental surgery student at Makerere University who has been missing for nine days now.

According to his neighbor, Sekajugo left his rented room in Kikoni C Zone, Makerere on May 2 at around 1 pm, informing him that he was going to attend lectures at Makerere but never returned home.

“I waited for him to return but he didn’t. I decided to call on his phones but they were ringing from inside his room. I thought he would return maybe the next morning, but up to now he is nowhere and we can’t reach him,” a student who preferred anonymity told the police. 

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His two mobile phones were found inside his room, and police have no leads on his whereabouts. Makerere security chief Cyrus Omara said that they have been notified about Sekajugo’s disappearance, but the information regarding his whereabouts is still scanty.

Patrick Onyango, Kampala Metropolitan police spokesperson has appealed to Sekajugo to return to his room or contact his relatives and friends who are worried about him.

Sekajugo’s disappearance is reminiscent of that of Jackline Nakabembe, who went missing in September last year and was discovered a month later buried in a public cemetery at Bweyogerere, Wakiso district. She was killed by her boyfriend over infidelity.  


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