Wine, who is an opposition lynchpin, recently attacked the Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF), saying it was formed for political and selfish motives.

According to Wine, they’re targeting government patronage.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Kenzo said Wine’s remarks were politically motivated.

“Bobi Wine turned into a politician,” said Kenzo.

“Everything he does is to benefit his political moves. He is in the opposition.”

Eddy Kenzo appeared to imply that Bobi Wine wouldn’t want to see the government helping musicians grow because it rends the opposition purposeless.

“Musicians have no choice but to work with the government because it implements the laws,” said Kenzo.

The Sitya Loss hitmaker said they’re ready to work with any government that’s in power, including that of Wine if he ever becomes president.

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We can’t avoid working with the government,” he said.

Kenzo said the federation was started to create a voice for the music industry. That under an organised body, musicians can be taken seriously by the government.

“Politicians benefit from the chaos,” he said. “The more we are disorganised the more they benefit.”

Kenzo also dismissed allegations that the government plans to give them Shs30 billion.

He said they are fighting for among others, earning from their music royalties, and they are not beggars because they pay taxes.

“Anyone who says we’ve turned into beggars in lying,” he said. “We are not begging for anything, we are negotiating.”

The Federation leaders have been holding meetings with relevant entities, including the Uganda Performing Rights Society (UPRS) and Uganda Communications Commission (U.C.C.).


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