It could be that the only thing you have ever seen falling from the sky is pure rain. Well, some people have seen more than that.  Imagine something scary dropping from the sky right into your own back yard. It could even be your worst fear.  Here are the weirdest things that ever fell from the sky.

Weirdest things that ever fell from the sky.

Space scrap

Well, this makes a little sense, right? We all know that space junk definitely is  in the sky in the first place. Sometimes, some of the numerous satellites and tech simply loses steam in orbit and tumbles toward Earth. In fact, an entire model space station known as Tiangong-1, is currently falling toward Earth’s surface.

Usually, if the machinery survives reentry into the atmosphere at all, it splinters into pieces of scrap, which means that the falling debris won’t pose a danger to any earthbound individuals. There are chances of this debris hitting you on the head but well, those chances are truly slim


Are you afraid of spiders? Well, imagine various spiders falling from the sky! These can make anyone wants to disappear From the Earth, right? . This incident happened in 2015 in Australia, and then even more recently in Brazil in 2019. But, unlike a few scenarios of  fish and  frogs being pulled from the seas by violent storms, the spiders were not taken into the sky by storms.

The spider rains result from a process called “ballooning,” where the spiders produce filaments to launch themselves into the air. They do this in an attempt to catch an air current and travel to a new location, and it’s something they do fairly often. These spider rains are however not very common and  this is  because it’s very uncommon for huge amounts of spiders to do this at the same time.


I know this sounds like a remake of the movie “Carrie”.  It sounds so unreal and disturbing at the same time!  Guess what? It has happened before. In  Zamora, a city in northwestern Spain, there was actually a  blood rain. Scientists however argue that it may not have been real blood but rather a very blood red liquid falling from the sky. According to records, this rain looked so much  like blood that it set the residents guessing about the origins.

Well, It turns out that such bloody falls are totally natural. The red coloring comes from a type of microalgae plant that produces a red pigment when it’s in a state of stress, and scientists believe that its spores got trapped in rain clouds. The odd part, though, is that these microorganisms aren’t native to that area of Spain, so scientists were  a little confused about how they traveled to end up above Zamora. This is one of the most unnerving of the weirdest things that ever fell from the sky.

Blood rain


Am sure we have a hint on flying fish but most certainly not falling fish!, Imagine not having to go all the way to the river to catch your meal and it finds you right in your home. The sight of fish falling from the sky, though certainly bizarre, is not as rare as you might think. In fact, there’s a convincing scientific explanation for it. In coastal areas, stormy weather can create a waterspout, more like a tornado from a very violent storm. This actually sucks marine life out of bodies of water like lakes and oceans.

The wind then carried the fish inland, where they’ll come tumbling to the ground. It’s been documented  from Sri Lanka to Australia to Mexico, and as recently as 2017. Sometimes, if the fish are edible, residents of the affected communities will celebrate the “fish rain” as a gain. In fact, the small Honduran village of Yoro celebrates the “lluvia de peces,” or rain of fish, at least once a year.


Iguanas that have fallen from the sky have not fallen a result of waterspouts. This scientific phenomenon may actually be even more mind blowing. In southern Florida, the brutal bomb cyclone that hit in winter 2018 brought a very weird side effect, an iguana rain. Temperatures dropped so low that the cold-blooded creatures’ bodily functions shut down entirely; while still alive, they were completely still and unresponsive. That, of course, meant that they could no longer grip tree branches and tumbled out of their trees, alarming citizens in Florida. Well, that was quite a scare from a few of the weirdest things that ever fell from the sky.


Imagine that. This said “meat rain” was full of chunks of meat, and you definitely wouldn’t want to eat it! OR maybe you would try the delicacy?  Picture this! Two residents actually did try a taste of these weird  “flakes of meat” that suddenly seemed to fall on their town of Olympian Springs, Kentucky in 1876. The two men reported that it tasted like mutton or venison. Surprisingly, the cause of the meat fall  was never proven but a chemistry professor pointed out that the best explanation was that a flock of vultures was dropping or disgorging its latest meal.

The meat rain


Now I would love to see this happen.  Raining money has occurred several times throughout history, some of them recently. For instance, in 2015, hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of United Arab Emirates dirham currency showered over Kuwait City. There is also an instance in Serbia where a plane carrying gold and diamonds spilled some cargo over the airport runway in 2018.

Indianapolis experienced a similar phenomenon in 2017 when an electrician noticed around $200 worth of bills blowing off of a roof where he was working. Sometimes, as in the case of Kuwait and Indianapolis, the origin of the money is never uncovered, leaving residents and law enforcers more than puzzled. Talk about weirdest things that ever fell from the sky  huh?

“I’ve seen some pretty strange things in my life, and more of them make me think magic is possible than not.”

Bailey Cates, Brownies and Broomsticks (A Magical Bakery Mystery, #1)

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the weirdest thing to ever rain?

Frog and toad rains, fish rains and colored rains(most often red, yellow or black) are among the most common accounts of strange rain, reported since ancient times,” author Cynthia Barnett notes in the book

What is the most unknown thing in the universe?

Dark matter. Dark matter  is  the unknown substance comprising 85 percent of all matter in the universe and it  is strange. But researchers are at least sure about one thing: Dark matter is everywhere.

What is the strangest thing ever found in space?

NGC 247. It is also known as the Needle’s Eye Galaxy because of the peculiar hole on one side of its core. The vast void could have been caused by a collision with dark matter.

What is Spider rain?

“Spider rain” is a rare occurrence in which thousands of spiders miraculously float through the air with their tiny strands of webbing floating just above them. The spiders can reach a height of up to 3 miles and can travel several hundred miles using this method.

What is the biggest danger in space?

Radiation. Radiation is not only stealthy, but considered one of the most menacing of the five hazards. Above Earth’s natural protection, radiation exposure increases cancer risk, damages the central nervous system, can alter cognitive function, reduce motor function and prompt behavioral changes.

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